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At Free Vending Machines we provide a wide range of vending machines stocked with your choice of leading brand name drinks & snacks.
We can arrange for quality vending machinesquality vending machine services all over Australia.

We are a 24/7 vending service website all over Australia.


Get a free vending machineAs you make your decision, always keep in mind why you want a vending machine.

Usually it is to provide a wide selection of drinks & snacks to your staff & customers on demand 24/7 - when they want them.

Whether you need drink vending machines, snack machines or any other tyoe of vending machine you need a vending service that is available 24/7.

A vending machine in your workplace will save everyone time.

This means the vending machine needs to be stocked regularly and that any unforeseeable breakdown time needs to be minimal.

There are three key areas upon which most people will make their decision.
1. Product Selection - Your or Our Choice
2. Service
3. Commission

 Chip products for vending machines


This is relatively easy to assess.

  • Does the prospective vending operator have a wide range of products to select from? Are they local?
  • Are we restricted to one or two brands?
  • Are we able to choose what goes in our Vending Machine?
  • Are we able to change selections as we want to?

In general the vending machine provided by the big brand name companies have only their own brands.
They choose the selection in your vending machine.
Most independent vending operators offer a wide range of selections from all the well known brands. You choose the selection in your vending machine (vendor).
Most workplace managers are sensitive to the need to satisfy as many people as possible.

Chip products for vending machines


This is the hardest one to assess.
All will promise prompt service.

  • Is the person making the promise of service the one you will be relying on to carry out your service?
  • Is the person the one you are able to contact directly for refills and/or breakdowns.
  • Are they able to offer a 247 vending service website for FREE contact to arrange an unscheduled refill or a service

We have a online system for you to report an unscheduled Refill or a Service so it won't cost you to make any phone calls.
As a local vending operator we are available 247 to give you the immediate and personalised service that keeps your vending machine stocked, regularly serviced and operational.
Therefore keeping you and your staff happy.
Especially in the busy times, like in summer for your icy cold drinks.

Drink products for vending machines


To many this is the most important point.
For some this is the only point. Whoever pays the highest commission gets the site.
However, there are may other things for you to consider.

  • Quality of Service
  • Total sales
    Vendors that offer the widest possible selection of products invariably will sell more. Therefore more total commission. Even when there is a lesser % commission per item.
  • A vending operator with both drink & snack machines on site may well be happy to keep both machines on site ... even if one isn't doing so well. One will subsidize the other.
  • Vendors (vending machines) that are out-of-stock or out-of-service don't return any commission no matter how high it is.
  • It is interesting that places of business who have had a bad experience with vending machines will focus on one issue - SERVICE.

If the new vending service is available 247 to give good service they are less concerned with any commissions. 

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 Free Vending Machines & Free Vending Machine Services


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