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Snack Shacks Vending - offers a

FREE Snack Vending Machine Service

throughout Australia. That's right FREE Vending Machines. 

Snack vending machines ... yes a machine vending all types of snacks ... what will they think of next!

Get A Snack Vending Machine Installed In Your Business ... for FREE
No cost to you! ... No contracts!

We have vending machine operators that have snack vending machines ready to be placed in your premises for FREE ... Snack vending machines for your business, staff and customers.

We also have other vending machines operating 247 ... to suit ALL your vending needs!


Do you need a Snack vending machine to keep your staff & customers happy?

Do you want more product choices & variety in your vending machines?

Then you need one of our Snack Vending Machines!

We can provide your business with stylish snack or combo vending machines for FREE - at No cost to you!

Vending machines are available throughout Australia. FREE vending machines!

All of our machines are owner operated, so caring for you is our greatest concern.

We provide a vast range of snack products in our vending machines and regularly change product choices to suit your vending needs.

We'll find a vending machine solution for you.

Snack & Food Vending Machines are also called as bulk / wholesale vending machines in the international market. It is an ambient temperature vending machine, which is not a refrigerated vending machine ... but for some Australian conditions a refrigerated machine will keep everything from melting in summer.

Any of these vending machines can dispense any packaged product. The products served in a Snacks/Food (COMBO) vending machine range from: wafers / confectioneries / biscuits / chocolates / health bars / chips / peanuts / cashews / soy crisps / pretzils / healthy range of nut bars and snacks.

Vending machine snack features :Automatic_Products_UltraFlex_snack_or_combo_vending_machine

  • Electronic Controller
  • 24 V DC Motorized Vending Mechanism
  • Digital MIS Display
  • Adjustable Tray Partition and Height
  • Product Vend Sensor (Optional) SURE Vend
  • Fast and Easy Product Loading
  • Low Maintenance
  • Glass Front
  • Flexible Individual Pricing
  • Through Bill (Note Readers ), Coins (with payback), Smart Cards and Mobile Phones

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Remember vending machines are FREE to have at your business. 
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