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Preventative Maintenance by
Regular Maintenance on Vending Machines


Preventative Maintenance measures in your vending business can save you money on vending machine repairs and services.
By performing regular maintenance on your vending machines you can ensure on having a successful vending business. 
Unfortunately, a lot of vending machine operators are usually just waiting for a break down on their vendors and wait for that emergency call before they respond.
Then rush to try and fix the vending machine.However, a good vending machine operator has better preventive maintenance efforts in place to decrease vending machine down time, emergency calls and increase their bottom line profit.

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Vending is a multiskilling business & having good management skills by ensuring preventative servicing can save a lot of time and $$$

Some common vending machine problems which can easily be avoided if the vending operator only takes extra time and effort to prevent from happening are:
Clean out the condensers with compressed air & replace or clean clogged filters on vending machines.
Check refrigeration temperatures ... carry a temperature probe (these can be bought for about $25 )
Ensure compressors are running well and ventilated by visually monitoring and touching to see if it's glowing HOT.
Air flow issues & even condenser fans not working can lead to freeze ups that stop cooling a cold drink and cold food vending machines.

Customers hate a HOT drink on a hot day!

Part of the reason why these can be prevented is because most air filter cartridges that allow filtered air to flow thru get clogged & they have a certain life span, and all you have to do is know exactly when to change the filter to avoid any clogging.
For a cold food and cold drink machine, regular cleaning of their condensers & clearing any build-up of dirt or dust on the compressor can also extend the life of your refrigeration units would prevent them from clogging as well.
Even if you notice a change in temperature on a cold drinks vending machine you should check the thermostat and adjust up and see if it gets cooler.
Check the main line coming into the evaporator and see if it is freezing up on the pipe. This could indicate LOW gas and get a refrigeration technician to re gas or top up the refrigerant gas and get them to check for a leak.
It's far better to re-gas a unit than for the compressor to seize and then have the downtime of the machine, loss of sales, as well as the inconvenience to your site, yet alone the cost of a compressor & refit sometimes being up to $900.

For coin mechs and note readers / acceptors the usual jamming problems (coin jams) are very unpredictable.
However, you can do a regular maintenance check of these parts.
One trick here is to avoid your coin mechanisms to be completely filled because this can also cause jamming up near the entry point for storing the change.
You may try using a NON residual Electrical spray cleaner with soft tissues to wipe the electronic eye on the coin mechs as well as on the note reader to remove dust & dirt particles from the lenses.
You may also want to test your coin mechanisms and note readers every time you visit your machine to check if it's working fine or not.
Replacing coin mechanisms with a serviced mech by having a spare to swap over while you have the other serviced save time on having to rush out and fix.

Do a test vend on a few of your items to see it is delivering the product as well as giving correct change.
Sometimes you need to quickly price check your items as some newer vending machines now sometimes have a glitche and don't retain the price correctly.
There is nothing worse than having a product selling for less than you can buy it ... plus your sales go down and you then wonder why?

As you can see, simply by doing these easy tips, you can save a lot of money and headache in the future.

You can immediately address the problem if you notice some problems by yourself or by your regular service technician rather than your customers.

If you're the kind of vending machine operator who just waits for an emergency call before taking an action, you may not realize it but you are actually spending more money, time and effort on these emergency calls than scheduling a regular check-up from your own maintenance check.
A tech service call could cost you around $88 dollars per call call out plus $88 per hour for the repairs plus parts to start for just attending to fix a problem through an emergency call.

This will cost you far less than that if you maintain your vending machines by simply checking them on a regular basis.


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