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Note Reader / Bill Acceptor
for Vending Machines in Australia


Introducing the new GBA ST1 note reader / bill acceptor; the cost-effective, compact banknote stacker unit for Vending Machines in Australia.

Vending in Australia which mainly contains "The Vending Industry" is an extremely broad term, encompassing all types of available markets to sell a very wide range of products from cold drink machines, snack machines, ice machines, flowers, frozen meals even to hot coffee machines, to car parking and ticketing machines.

We are proud to offer and present to the Vending Industry here in Australia the GBA ST1 Note Reader / Bill Acceptor a cost-effective, compact banknote stacker unit.

Essentially, whenever a product or service is provided to a customer in exchange for cash, a "vend" has takes place.

Bank note readers (bill accpetors) are very popular in vending machine applications where:
• There is limited high denomination coin currency available, as in Australia
• Higher-priced products are offered for sale
• Convenient bank notes are available (Au $5 & $10 more commonly used)
• Convenience is required and change is given once a "vend" has transpired

Each industry has its own particular requirements for to vend a product, which include:
• physical dimensions
• note acceptance
• security
• note stacking options
• peripheral to host communications ... remote monitoring etc 

For example, food/drink vending machines generally call for MDB communications protocols and low security cashboxes, whilst carpark ticketing machines typically require serial RS232 communications and secure, removable note cassette (this holds the money $$$).

ST1-01 Note Reader Bill AcceptorST1-02 Note Reader Bill AcceptorST1-03 Note Reader Bill Acceptor

We are proud to offer and present to the Vending Industry here in Australia the GBA ST1 Note Reader / Bill Acceptor.

The new GBA ST1 offers a new dimension in note reader - bill acceptors. It is a cost-effective, compact banknote stacker unit.

Key features Include : 
• The ST1 can be disassembled and reassembled in 30 secs
• There is easy access to all the key components of the Note reader / bill acceptor 
• Reconfiguration between upstacker and downstacker only requires the replacement of one part ... thus suiting the numerous vending machines here in Australia
• On-Board Programming offers push button note enable & disable and calibration
• Current GBA programming & diagnostics tools are compatible with the ST1
• Safety is on the menu with plug pack power for any AC powered applications

Product Information

The new GBA ST1 offers a new dimension in bill acceptors.
It is a cost-effective, compact banknote stacker unit. With a robust plastic construction, the GBA ST1 can be used in either an up or down note stacking orientation and has the option of lockable cashboxes, to maximise cash security.

To accommodate slim-line machine designs, the GBA ST1 can be configured to be situated in depths as limiting as 10cm.
The GBA ST1 offers a variety of interface options including the MDB vending protocol and CCTalk.

Flashing note guides have been introduced to provide more obvious and user friendly interaction whilst an innovative new discrimination method, “Sense Technology”, has been developed to provide high level acceptance of true notes whilst maintaining security against counterfeit and fraud attempts.

The GBA ST1 delivers the performance and functionality previously restricted to top end note validators, at a price to suit most budgets.
Whilst the GBA ST1 meets all the standards expected of a note reader / bill acceptor, the focus has been on reliability and serviceability.
Thats why we have teamed up to offer The new GBA ST1 note reader - bill acceptor cost-effective, compact banknote stacker unit for Vending Machines in Australia.


We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

Feedback and requests are always welcome. We provide service with a smile.

For service information, contact one of the service centres below. For any items returned under warranty or for repair, COMPLETE written information, including serial and model number, as well as a description of the malfunction or defects, must be submitted to the service centre when requesting a Return Material Authorization (RMA).
Owner accepts full responsibility for any return without prior authorization. The RMA number must be displayed on the exterior of the returned carton(s).

Shipping Damage

When a product is returned to the owner after service, only consignee (the person or company receiving the note reader / bill acceptor) can file a claim against the carrier for concealed damages.
Therefore, unpack IMMEDIATELY.
Notify the delivery carrier of damages and request immediate inspection.
Send a letter of intent to file claim to the carrier within 72 hours from time of receipt.
Send a copy of the letter to the shipper.


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