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Flower Vending Machines - Flower Machines - FREE flower vending machines that sell fresh flowers!

Flower vending machines offer the ultimate and the most convenient way to buy beautifully arranged, fresh cut flowers or floral bouquets for those who are in rush or need flowers … day or night.

A machine that that is capable of vending fresh flowers … simply amazing.

A fully automated flower vending machine using an automatic flower vending machine as it was designed to be used … very easily!

Selling bunches of flowers this machine displays and sells all from the push of a button!

Flower vending machine business is new to Australia so be on the lookout. It’s coming to a store near you! So if you are interested in the flower vending machine business please contact us for more info.

The flower vending machine was carefully thought of and designed to allow busy shoppers a quick, simple, and convenient way to purchase beautiful, fresh flowers.

All day, every day even 24 hours a day … if the building is open that is.

All of the cut flower bouquets are situated in individual compartments on an inner carousel, which rotates to enable customers a clear view of exactly what they're buying. Specially-crafted water circulation and Cool … 12 Degree refrigeration systems ensure that the flowers stay fresh.

Customers follow the simple instructions appearing on the touch screen, which clearly explain how to purchase flowers from the machine in a few easy steps, and an audio sound system enables customers to hear the instructions as well.

Flower vending machines can be pre-programmed to display the languages appropriate for the country in which they are located. Customers choose their preferred language, indicated on the machine’s touch screen, and then press START. The next set of instructions request the customer to either pay via a Note reader in Cash $$$ or select for payment via a credit card.

For card payments, the customer swipes their credit card in the card reader, and then waits a few seconds for confirmation. Once the card has been validated, the customer selects a flower bouquet and enters its number on the touch screen. Part of the instructions will request that customers confirm their choice and re punch the selection again to confirm or if they change their mind they may reselect another selection if desired.

As soon as the customer has confirmed their selected bunches of flowers or their floral bouquet, the carousel inside delivers it to the corresponding door and stops its rotation. The door opens automatically and the customer can easily remove their flower bouquet.

Once the bouquet has been removed, the door closes and the inner carousel begins to rotate again.

A contact telephone number for support is displayed prominently on the flower vending machine in the event that customers have any difficulty using the machine, or if there is a malfunction.

So … Enjoy your flower purchase and please use the automatic flower vending machine again for quick, convenient shopping.

It's that easy!





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