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Free Vending Machines, a domain of Snack Shacks Vending, was created by a partnership of people who believe with a passion in great vending service with "Customer Service" being a No 1 priority.

Snack Shacks Vending was created with a plan to be a national company with a great web presence and many affiliations with vending operators all over Australia.
We strive for excellence in all areas to provide a professional vending service with quality products at reasonable prices.
Robust vending machines to endure the Australian climate are also a important factor.

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The core of our vending machine business is honesty to our customers and the provision of the best possible service .
We entered the Vending machine market to provide our customers with a quality vending service because of the lack of quality service in the Australian vending market.
It is now changing and we are proud to be part of it.

Since conception, our vending machine business has grown at a rapid rate.
We plan to increase our fleet 5 fold over the next 5 years in Australia so you can be assured that we are here to stay.


The Vending Machines Business

vending machines

We have created an exceptional team of management and staff who focus on our vending service and better ways of providing that service.
All of our staff and management are trained in all facets of the business and operation.

Our range of vending services include confectionery and cold drink vending... this enables us to provide snacks and drinks to businesses of any size.
Coffee vending machines, ice vending machines, PPE safety vending machines are very specialized fields which we also cater to.
Whether it be 20 staff or 1000 staff we have the service for you.

We believe in total service vending, in short if we can't provide a vending machine for you we will organize another company who can.
With many affiliations with vendors (vending machine operators) ALL over Australia we are sure to help you.
It is just part of our vending service!

Need a combination drink/snack machine or just a drink machine or a snack machine or for that matter any type of vending machine for/at your business?
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Free vending machines, free installation and free vending services for your workplace / business. 
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Starting Your Business

Starting your own Business

We don't sell vending machines but are happy to share our experiences and may be able to help you get started.

Vending Machine Sites

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Register your interest with us for receiving leads for any new vending machine sites that are available for you in your area.

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Free Coffee Vending Machines
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